Project Gallery – Photos & Construction Stories

Do you ever wish you could hear the construction stories behind a home renovation? What about gaining inspiration for your own project ideas? Now you can, with our new Website Gallery! Each picture represents a different project. Click on the display picture to go a new page. View additional photos and details on that particular project.

We will be adding to the Gallery consistently as we finish projects. Be sure to check in periodically to see new pages. In the mean time, here are some examples of construction stories you will find in the Gallery:

Construction Stories & Renovation Inspiration

Special construction stories feature how Mahlon responded well to an unexpected remodeling challenge… “As we opened up the back wall where the addition was going, we discovered massive amounts of structural damage due to a water leak that had been happening for many years! We ended up… read more.

View a new kitchen designed by the home owner that really opened up the kitchen space and gave a spacious feel to the home.

Read a testimonial from John and his experience with Integrity. “We found that your whole team is focused on details and do excellent work. However, Mahlon and Tim possess the specific knowledge, ability and moral character that made us feel comfortable enough allowing them in our house for days when nobody was there. Therefore, based on the amazingly detailed work and the ability to transform my vision into reality… read more.

Learn about a custom built seasonal-building pool house complete with a kitchen space and rolling island. What do you do when your project almost runs into a tree? Click here to see the creative solution.

Benefits Offered in the Gallery

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to see different photos and angles of a building/remodeling project. It is easy to gain inspiration and ideas for your own home. With each page on the Gallery, you’ll be able to take a personal tour through newly completed projects here at Integrity.