Home Additions With Custom Entry

Your house has systems that need to be maintained in order to serve their purpose properly. The following are home maintenance tips that I recommend taking care of for this month, to prevent any damage to the systems that you use.

1. Burning Wood

If you burn wood, be sure to have your first round of wood split, stacked, and ready to go by the beginning of October. If you burn with heating oil or propane, top off or fill up the tank, heating oil & propane historically start to rise at this time of year.

2. Electric Heating

If you fully rely on electric for your winter heat source, now is the time to make sure that you have a game plan on what to do in an emergency to keep your home heated this winter if their is a loss of electricity. Not having a backup plan can mean burst water lines and not to mention loss of comfort! If you are planning to use portable propane heaters, be sure they are safe to use indoors, and also be prepared to fill up the tanks that will be used.

3. Emergency Food Supply

Be sure to have food and water plans as well in case of power outages & so forth. It’s much easier to plan a few months ahead now than to try to get stockpiled when everybody else has waited till the last minute as well!

The Importance of Planning Ahead

It’s important to plan ahead and get prepared for the winter and any unexpected storms. The benefit is that being prepared can make you equipped for unexpected situations. Home maintenance projects are a great way to stay on top of the necessary check-ups that the changing seasons bring. Being ready in advance can also give you confidence about the future and can take away a lot of stress and worry. Don’t wait to take action on something that could save you a lot of unnecessary worry.