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Have you ever thought about installing a home generator standby system for the times of power outages? Are they worth the $6-$12K that it costs? Standby generators are a great fool proof way of dealing with power outages, and a lot less hassle than having to pull out the generator and string cords throughout to hook up the lights, freezer, and fridge.

A Generator Standby System is Good for You If:

  1. You do a lot of traveling, and are not able to be there withing 24 hours of power going out. Your fridge and freezer items should be okay for that length of time if the doors are not being opened.
  2. You are not willing or able to hook up a portable generator and string cords to the fridge, freezer, and lights.
  3. Rely entirely on electric for your heat source in the winter, or have health issues that would be affected by extreme heat in the summer.

My Alternative Route:

For myself personally, I did the compromise of installing a Reliance Standby power transfer switch kit (from Lowe’s) which allows you to safely tap into your main panel and choose the breakers you want to run off your generator in power outages.

If you have a good generator, you can run a lot of the main house items. A 5500 watt generator will run a lot of things, but not a hot water heater or well pump. A 6500 watt generator, which is what I have, will run all our lights, our fridge and freezer, and also the well pump. If I shut everything else off, I can run the hot water heater, so a bigger generator would be ideal in my case, but not necessary. We can limit our hot water usage as needed in order to get by.

This method eliminates the need to run lots of cords, but it is not as easy as having the complete generator standby system.

More Information on Standby Generators:

Check out this website for further information on standby systems:


They have some very helpful information that is worth checking out. If you have any interest and need more information or a good source to have one installed, send me a message via Facebook or the website contact form, and I will send you some contacts.