New Office Addition!

It was time to add on! Last year we had built a two-room office near the tool shop. Before having that office space, we had been doing all the office work in a room in our house. We even had three people in the room at one point. Then we decided to build an larger official office. Local companies donated supplies such as wood flooring, cabinets, siding, railing, and ceiling materials so we could use our office as a showroom for clients. One of our clients last year chose to use the same wood flooring that is in the main office space! Manny’s office is off to the left with a soundproof door, and Mary, Morgan, and Debbie share the main entry room in the first office building.

Office Addition Needed

Within another year, however, we quickly realized that we needed more room! The main room that had seemed spacious when we moved in, now was getting crowded during our Monday morning team leadership meetings with all our employees. Continue below.

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The Office Addition Gets Underway

This past summer during July and August, we created a unique addition to the existing office. Because redoing the roof and back side of the office would add a significant cost, we decided to create a 3′ connecting hallway that leads to the new office conference room. It looks slightly odd from the outside but meets our needs perfectly! Come see the office showroom! 7083 Beards Ford Rd. Mount Crawford, VA  22841

Design of the Office Addition

The new office space has a long conference table built by Manny, a refrigerator, sink, bathroom, sliding door leading to a deck (perfect for lunch breaks!), and another adjoining office room that Greg uses. We also have a variety of cabinets, again donated by local companies for a showroom. You should stop by sometime and take a look! We’d love to have people come see the new space!