We’re Ready – EntreLeadership Event!

EntreLeadership Event

This past week we took our team to the EntreLeadership event in Tennessee. The four main speakers were Dave Ramsey, Chris Hogan, Patrick Lencioni, and Christy Wright. We enjoyed listening to each of them speak. The event was energetic and motivating! Read a takeaway from each speaker down below.

Interview on EntreLeadership Podcast

At the event on Wednesday, we were invited to be on the EntreLeadership Podcast! Our team talked about our journey of growth, leadership, and developing our company culture. It all started a couple years ago with a leadership meeting once a week. We gathered together to listen to Dave Ramsey or John Maxwell in a leadership resource. It has been so neat to see how our company culture has changed and improved over just two years. Listen to the podcast HERE! Our story starts at 21:53.

Tour at the Dave Ramsey Headquarters

We arrived early on Wednesday morning and got a tour at the Dave Ramsey Headquarters in Brentwood Tennessee. It was incredible to see the well organized office and hear the history of the organization. Additionally, we have used many of Dave’s resources in our company and were excited to see where it all takes place!

Speakers at the EntreLeadership Event

Dave Ramsey talked on Entreleadership: The process of leading to cause a venture to grow and prosper. The EntreLeadership Podcast talks a lot about being a good leader. For example, a leader pulls from the front. A boss pushes from the back. Finally, being a leader is imperative in today’s business world.

Chris Hogan spoke on 4 Cs of Recognition: Communicate, Care, Connect, and Challenge Yourself. “You must have genuine concern for the people around you. Connect early and often with individual team members and your team as a whole.” – Chris Hogan

Later Patrick Lencioni talked about the Ideal Team Player. The Ideal Team Player is humble, hungry, and smart. Humble: lacking excessive ego or concern about status. Hungry: self motivated, diligent, thinking ahead. Smart: having good judgment and intuition around group dynamics and the impact of their words and actions. All three characteristics are necessary, and Patrick explained the importance of having all three.

Christy Wright talked about the importance of communication: “Communication is about connection.” And later: “Communication is more than transferring information. Communication happens when the team member gets it.” – Christy Wright