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Manny Fisher Is A Top Contractor in VA

Benefits of Local Home Builders

When it comes to your home renovation/remodel, it’s important to find the home builders that are right for you! It’s important that your builder has the same vision and passion for the type of project you are looking for. Don’t settle for less when choosing your contractor. There are three key things to watch for when choosing your home builders.

1. Does Your Potential Home Builder Demonstrate Integrity?

Integrity is very important when it comes to choosing a contractor. It needs to be someone you can trust. Your home builders will be working in your home – maybe sometimes when you’re not there. Make sure it is someone you know you can trust. Choose a contractor who demonstrates integrity when on the job site. Do you feel safe around your home builders? Read reviews of others who have had that contractor work for them. When it comes to building/remodeling projects, it is important to know you can trust your contractor.

2. Do Your Home Builders Work As a Team?

In the construction industry, it is so important that your contractors and/or subcontractors are able to work together as a team. Especially in remodeling projects, there may be challenges to figure out. What kind of attitude do your home builders have when it comes to facing challenges? Are they willing to tackle problems and work together? This is very important especially in the industry of construction. Listen to the story of our team’s growth on the EntreLeadership Podcast. Our team talked about our journey of growth, leadership, and developing our company culture. It all started a couple years ago with a leadership meeting once a week. We gathered together to listen to Dave Ramsey or John Maxwell in a leadership resource. It has been so neat to see how our company culture has changed and improved over just two years. Listen to the podcast HERE! Our story starts at 21:53.

3. Do Your Home Builders Demonstrate Respect?

Make sure you choose home builders who will demonstrate respect while listening to your concerns and working in your home. Usually, there are many solutions to a problem and many ideas for a building solution. What kind of attitude does your contractor have when it comes to listening to your concerns? Does he pay attention to your needs and offer valid solutions? You want home builders with a can-do attitude. Make sure to choose a contractor who will be attentive and respectful to your needs.

Your Local Home Builders – The Integrity Team

Manny Fisher owns Integrity Custom Builders and does sales and estimating. At the age of 16 he started in his dream job of home construction. Manny has a broad set of skills and expertise gained from working in the industry for 20 years. He really enjoys the challenges that come along with home remodeling and construction.

Mary Fisher is also a joint owner with her husband Manny. Mary grew up in the Valley and started the business with Manny in 2007. Over the years she has taken care of the office administration/accounting and other aspects of a construction company that happen behind the scenes.

Home Builders – The Field Crew

Mahlon Riehl enjoys his job as project manager. Mahlon has been a part of Integrity Custom Builders since its start in 2007. After moving into the area from Lancaster, PA, Mahlon and Manny have worked together on many projects over the years since the start of the business.

Tim Borkholder is also a project manager here at Integrity. Tim joined the team in 2015 after moving into the area from Montana. He has experience in a broad range of home improvements and is very good with detailed tile work.

Justin Beachy joined as a team member in 2016 after moving into the area from Lancaster, PA. He has experience in the areas of carpentry and steelwork and is a valuable part of our team.

André Burkholder has been a part of Integrity Custom Builders since 2013. After graduating from high school, he joined the Integrity Team as a full time team member.

Ethan Rodes joined the team in 2016 as a full time field crew Team Member. Ethan has experience in roofing and construction and is a great asset to the Integrity Team.

The Office Team

Morgan Showalter joined the team in 2015 and works part time as an office Receptionist and Marketing Coordinator. She also helps keep the office supplies stocked and does our final job site photos.

Greg Hammer joined the team in 2016 as the Design/Production Manager and works part time in the office. Greg’s skills and expertise have been a big blessing to our company.

Debbie Hammer, Greg’s wife, joined the team a few months after her husband, Greg, came to work for Integrity. Debbie works part time in Accounts Receivable/Payable and as the Bookkeeping Clerk.