Kitchen Makeover Tip #1: Maximize Kitchen Space

This is probably one of the biggest reasons for wanting to do a kitchen makeover. In this day and age with constant information and business, space is important. Creating open space in a kitchen gives a clean and open feel to the entire home. Ways to maximize kitchen space include increased vertical storage like taller cabinets, shelving above appliances, and places to hang pots and larger utensils. Probably the most common way to create kitchen space is redesigning the kitchen borders. Take down a wall and replace it with a peninsula. Add windows for scenery and sunlight. Or create special shelves along the border of the kitchen walls. Make sure you keep open space a priority in your kitchen makeover.

Kitchen Makeover Tip #2: Optimize Light Entrance

Make sure to have multiple light sources for your kitchen. This can include windows, ceiling lights, oven lights, counter lights, and a good source of light at the sink area. By just maximizing light sources, a kitchen can be improved very quickly. Think about the number of walls surrounding your kitchen compared to the number of windows or entrances your kitchen has. Try to have a window, light source, open doorway, or open wall (such as a peninsula) on all sides of your kitchen. This will ensure that your kitchen is open and well lit for use in cooking and preparing meals.

Kitchen Makeover Tip #3: Add Color!

Add contrasting color to your kitchen makeover by using bright paint for the walls and a complimentary color with the cabinets. Go with something dark bright shades like the deep turquoise blue and medium chocolate brown in this kitchen. A pop of color will always add spice and life to your kitchen makeover. Try something completely different than what you have currently. The color of your appliances also plays into the overall color scheme of the kitchen. Most appliances come in black, white, or silver. Choosing appliance colors that accentuate the color scheme of your kitchen is important. Every aspect of a kitchen makeover is important! What about the color of your floors? Do they need an update? Pick something that will match the rest of your kitchen well.

Kitchen Makeover Tip #4: On “Island” Time!

Islands – the coveted centerpieces of large, beautiful kitchens. If you have the space for an island, it can be helpful in so many ways. Islands provide additional storage AND countertop space in the center of the kitchen. The center of the kitchen can be an area where it’s hard to know what to add. Islands are the answer! Islands provide a perfect location for a low microwave, a hidden trashcan, or an extra stove top or sink. With islands, food preparation can be organized to have a stress free cooking experience. Depending on the style of your island, it can be transformed into an eating area with tall stools on one side. Islands offer so many solutions and opportunities for your kitchen makeover.

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A Farm Sink is Charming In Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Makeover Tip #5: Choose The Perfect Sink

Sink styles range from undermount sinks and drop-in sinks, to farmhouse sinks like the one in this photo. Farmhouse sinks sit slightly lower than the counter and have no rim. They are usually large and provide a great way to wash larger bowls. Then the options get broader depending on the number of bowls you want. Usually sinks range from 1 bowl to 3 bowls. Really, it depends on your needs and what you will be doing the most. Choose faucets that match your kitchen style best. Most people prefer a main kitchen faucet with a mounted soap dispenser and faucet side sprayer. Other things to consider are filtered water dispensers and/or hot water dispensers. Will your main faucet have a pull out hose to easily rinse dishes? Find the sink that’s right for you and suits your needs.

Kitchen Makeover Tip #6: Kitchen Visibility

Can you see into your kitchen from multiple rooms? Kitchen visibility can play a large role in helping to open up the kitchen and create an open and inviting feeling in the rest of the house. Removing a wall and replacing it with extended counter space will prove to be effective in achieving this goal. Having your kitchen visible from the next room in your home will also provide easy access to enjoy company and conversation even while preparing a meal.

Kitchen Makeover Tip #7: Tile Backsplash

Consider adding tile backsplash to your kitchen wall. Tile can be a very decorative way to add some color to your kitchen makeover. Blue and gray tiles are very common as well as browns and beige.  A decorative tile design to your kitchen will spruce up the whole kitchen. Patterned tile can also add a splash of color and decoration. If you have a small amount of wall space between the counter and cabinets, consider going with a smaller tile. Larger tile can be used with more wall space and can be angled to create diamonds rather than squares. The most important thing about tile is to use it to pull the accents together in your kitchen. Tile backsplash can be a pivotal part in bringing a kitchen color scheme together. Choose something you like and will enjoy.