Remodel Projects – Before and After

Enjoy a tour through a variety of recent projects with before and after photos. Be sure to check out the gallery at the bottom for project photo highlights. Gain inspiration from the variety of projects on display! We’re ready to make your remodel project/idea a reality! We specialize in solving problems and creating solutions for your project needs!

Remodel Project – Deck Refurbishing in Rockingham County, Virginia

This wooden deck was refurbished with Timertec vinyl decking and an adapted design to provide a larger deck area. The rain proof lower level under the deck provides a nice sitting area as well. For more photos (with the stamped and colored concrete!) and the story on this project, click HERE. “Steve and Sherry wanted to connect the two existing decks to make one large deck that wrapped around the house. The two previous separate decks were… read more 

Remodel Project in Harrisonburg, Virginia – Kitchen Renovation With New Color Scheme

The layout of this kitchen remained basically the same while we updated the appliances, color scheme, flooring, and backsplash. The new kitchen has a warm, updated feel with the soft gray color of the walls and countertop. New under cabinet lighting gives the kitchen a middle layer of light while proving an added aspect of brightness on the main working surfaces. It’s amazing how a few updates like lighting, backsplash, and flooring can brighten a kitchen!

Transformed Sliding Bathroom Barn Door Remodel Project

We refurbished the original bathroom door and installed it as a sliding barn door. Originally, the door had opened into the bathroom, making the bathroom feel smaller with less space. The sliding bathroom barn door allows for an open feel inside the bathroom and also adds a modern element with the sharp black trim. In this home we also built a unique closet shelf. The goal of the closet shelf was to… read more.

Complete Siding Replacement Remodel Project

For this project we removed all the existing wood siding on the house. We installed house wrap and new Traditional 5 vinyl siding. We also installed new vinyl trims as needed for the vinyl siding installation. The existing vinyl soffit and fascia boards remained in place except for the areas that received new gutters. On the back of the house, we installed a sliding French door unit. See more pictures at all angles of the house HERE.

Bathroom Update Project Remodel

For this project, we removed the existing wall paper and repainted the bathroom to a light blue. Given a few pieces of the original flooring strips, we matched the flooring and installed it to match the rest of the house. We replaced the sink vanity and light fixtures and also installed a new toilet. The painting on the wall has a unique story special to our clients. Chuck and Dawn had purchased the painting at an auction in… read more

Screened Porch Remodel Project

Walt and Janet had just moved into the area and bought a new home built by a spec home builder. The overall design and layout of the home was nice, but the small back porch (a concrete slab) wasn’t very suitable for their needs. We built a screened porch with a lean to roof above and also increased the width of the porch by 6’. The porch was built with siding and shingles to match the existing house, with the entire porch being built… read more

Double Story Addition / Remodel Project

This was a double story addition we did just earlier this year. When remodeling the kitchen and adding the large family room, we opened one of the walls of the kitchen. Originally, this wall had been the back side of the house, but with the addition, we were able to give the kitchen a more open feel with a raised countertop and open hallway. Another interesting aspect of the addition was connecting the small covered porch with the new addition room. We installed… read more

Small Bathroom Remodel Project in Weyers Cave, Virginia

This bathroom remodel included tile flooring, tile shower wall with shampoo shelves, a new vanity, and new glass shower doors. In March and April of 2017, we started and completed this one-month 2 Bathroom Remodel project for Barry and Debbie in Weyers Cave, VA. Both bathrooms were in need of an update, so we worked on both bathrooms at the same time. The layout remained close to the same in both bathrooms, and… read more

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