New Bathroom Remodel Details

Project Overview: Creating more space by splitting and doubling the upstairs bathroom! This made two mirror image identical bathrooms ideal for busy school mornings and work days!

Project Timeline: This project took place in the fall of 2017 at the same time of the other renovations in this house: a complete kitchen makeover and remodel of the downstairs 1/2 bath.

New Bathroom Remodel Highlights

The best aspect of this remodel project was the doubled space. The remodel also provided a great opportunity to update the style of the bathroom to match the style and color scheme of the downstairs kitchen and downstairs 1/2 bath. Everything was replaced in these bathrooms including the shower surround, toilet, cabinets, lights, mirror, tile flooring, and sink vanity.

A New Bathroom Remodel

Since the two remodeled bathrooms used the same area as the previous bathroom, we were able to do the remodel without requiring major structural changes. There were a few adjustments that had to be made to meet the needs of both bathrooms, but the end result proved to be quite worth the process! Creative solutions like this can bring a whole new perspective to the remodel process. We love helping to meet your needs with the best possible solution.

New Bathroom vs. Remodeled Bathroom

In many cases, people want to update the look and style of their home or a room but don’t want to do any major additions. This is a great time to consider a remodel – even a slight redesign – that will help to give you the new look you want without having to go through the cost or process of a complete addition. Remodels are a great way to make an old room new and can transform your home to be like new! Get your free estimate today!