Bathroom Designs For Harrisonburg Project

Project Overview: We split the original large bathroom to make two smaller bathrooms each with their own sink, toilet, cabinets and shower. The new bathrooms were painted to match the downstairs gray/blue kitchen colors.

Bathroom Designs for the Right Project

Location and Time: This project took place in Harrisonburg, Virginia in the fall of 2017. We remodeled the upstairs bathroom of this house as well as the downstairs bathroom. We also gave the kitchen a complete makeover!

Bathroom Designs for Small Spaces

Have you ever wished you could double the space in your house? What if you could do that without requiring major structural changes? Chances are, most of us would be pretty excited about more space! This remodel demonstrates how this is possible! The end result? Two for the space of one… We also did a remodel on the downstairs bathroom and a complete new kitchen makeover in this house.

Getting Creative with Bathroom Designs

Especially with remodeling, there are always more options and possibilities than you might see at the beginning. Never let a challenge keep you from finding more options. This bathroom remodel began as one large master bathroom. The family was in need of more space with people getting ready for work and school. Rather than restructuring a part of the house, we divided the bathroom down the center. By splitting the original bathroom, we were able to maximize the space and create two identical mirror image 3/4 baths each with their shower, toilet, and sink.

Popular Bathroom Designs

Most people are going with glass shower doors, undermount or pedestal sinks, and soft colors. Decorative shower tile with shampoo shelves seems to be a common trend especially in the remodel industry. It is not uncommon for people to go from acrylic showers to tile shower surround.

Integrity’s Home Builders Create Bathroom Designs

What is the next step in your building process? Maybe you’re at the beginning and need some ideas for a better bathroom design. Wherever you are in the process, we are here to help! We love helping our customers find the perfect solutions for their home remodel. Call today and get in touch!

Choosing Your Bathroom Designs

When it comes to choosing the bathroom designs you love, keep in mind 3 key factors that will help the process go smoothly: 1. The Need. What kind of functionality needs do you have for your new bathroom? A swinging door or a sliding door? Under-sink cabinets or wall mounted cabinets? More floor space or more storage room? These are good to consider when doing a remodel. 2. The Look. What mood are you aiming for in your new bathroom design? Calming and relaxing? Exciting and contrasting? Peaceful and tranquil? Color and accessories play a large role in the overall appearance of a bathroom. 3. The Cost. There are many ways to cut cost that don’t require major adjustments. Consider the type of material used for the new bathroom. Many times a small adjustment can make a big difference in the cost.