Project Details

Location: Harrisonburg, VA

Services Performed: Bathroom Renovation

Project Timeline: Two Week Project

Scope of Work for the Bathroom Renovation

Beginning the project, we removed the existing tub, toilet, vanity, mirror and all existing fixtures. The newly renovated bathroom has a new acrylic tub base unit with a cultured marble surround. For a nice touch, we created a niche in the shower wall for a small shelf. In addition, we installed a new toilet along with a new vanity and faucets.

We replaced the old exhaust fan/light combo with a recessed can light and also added a recessed can light in the shower area as well. In addition, the light switches and plates are new, as well as the light fixtures.

Accordingly, we installed new plumbing as needed for the project and new vinyl flooring in the bathroom. Also, we installed the new mirror and toilet paper and towel bar holders. To finish the project, we gave the bathroom a new coat of paint.

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Bathroom Renovations with Harrisonburg Building Experts

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3 Reasons for a Bathroom Renovation

When do you know if you’re the right candidate for a bathroom renovation? Here are 3 simple indicators that might help you decide if a project like this is right for you. 1. In Need of an Update– Styles change. Unfortunately, the bathroom built ten years ago doesn’t keep up with the changing styles. We have to make that happen. 2. Time to Modernize – There’s nothing like ancient styles to wake us up to the realization that it’s time to modernize. 3. Designs Change – The design of your bathroom ten years ago might have suited you well. But now it’s time for a new design that will be more functional.