Project Details

Type: Farmhouse Addition

Location: Verona, VA

Project Timeline: April 2015 – July 2016

Services Performed: Master Bedroom & Master Bathroom, a TV Room, Gallery, Screened Porch, and also a 2 Car Garage.

Project Overview: This is a farmhouse addition we did in Verona last year. Our clients moved back into the area from Massachusetts after being gone for a number of years. The home is the family home that has been in our client’s family for quite a few years, and they decided to add onto the home to make it possible to have one story of living.

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Farmhouse Addition Photos:

Photo 1 – Final Photo of garage with breezeway to the old garage.

Photo 2 – Before photo of the front of the house.

Photo 3 – Final photo of the front of the house.

Photos 4, 5, 6, & 7 – Final photo of addition in the back of the house.

Photos 8 & 9 – Gallery area into old house (break thru point)

Photo 10 – Living Area

Photo 11 – Before photo where the addition will be.

Photo 12 – New addition on the back of the house.

Photos 13, 14, & 15 – Final Photo

Photo 16 – Marvin Integrity Windows & Doors. This is a progress photo showing the Marvin Integrity brand of windows that we prefer to use, provided by RS Monger & Sons. If you are interested in an affordable high quality window, stop by the new Marvin showroom at RS Mongers and see that amazing showroom/display that they almost have completed!

Photo 17 – New Master Bathroom with Curbless Shower

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Building/Designing the Porch Addition and Kitchen

The addition consisted of a Master Bedroom & Master Bathroom, a TV Room, Gallery, Screened Porch, and also a 2 Car Garage. The addition was built as an accessible building with there being no steps into the new addition or the existing home. The doors are all 36″ doors, and there are no thresholds to cross over inside the addition. Using this Aging-In-Place method will allow them to enjoy there home for years to come!

Lasting Value with a Low Energy Consumption Home

This unique and challenging addition was wonderfully designed as a low energy consumption home by Lineage Architects (John & Pennie Garber). The exterior walls are a 1`2″ thick Insulated Concrete Form Wall which gives an R25 wall value, plus it also makes an airtight shell. The floors were concrete floors poured on top of foam board, which keeps the floors the same temperature as the room. We also installed spray foam in the attic, which made a complete airtight shell and helps to keep the entire addition comfortable year round with minimal energy consumption. The interior floors are acid stained concrete, which makes for a nice conversation piece! It also fits their artistic tastes well. Raw concrete acid stained floors have a lot of variety to them when a transparent acid stained product is used!