Project Details

Type: Three Part Custom Remodeling Projects: Sliding Bathroom Barn Door, Cultured Marble Shower Surround, Closet Shelf

Location: McGaheysville, VA

Services Performed: Repurposed Custom Bathroom Barn Door, Installed Custom Shower Stair, Installed New Cultured Marble Shower Unit, Built Custom Closet Shelf

Project Timeline: June 5th – 30th, 2017

Project Overview

Bathroom Entrance Barn Door:

We refurbished the original bathroom door and installed it as a sliding barn door. Originally, the door had opened into the bathroom, making the bathroom feel smaller with less space. The sliding bathroom barn door allows for an open feel inside the bathroom and also adds a modern element with the sharp black trim.

Cultured Marble Shower Surround:

For the shower area, we installed a new cultured marble shower surround. At the shower base, we built a single step out of Teak wood. As a result, the shower stair now provides a safe, easy access.

Custom Closet Shelf:

Finally, we built the last item: a unique closet shelf. The goal of building the closet shelf was to cover the sewage pump unit with a sound proof box that was neat and functional.

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Client Expectations

Initially, the goal of the new sliding door for the bathroom entrance began with a need for more efficient functionality. Originally, the bathroom door opened into the bathroom. As a result, this blocked the otherwise open area of the main bathroom space. By changing the style of the bathroom door, we were able to save space and enable easy access to and from the bathroom.

“It’s the final details in a remodeling project that can really make the difference in the end result.” – Tim Borkholder, Project Manager

Bathroom Barn Door – Creative Remodeling Solution

When the existing hanging bathroom door was removed, it left a mark along the wooden door frame where the screws had been. Something had to be done. Our client suggested painting the inside of the door frame black while still leaving a wooden border on the outer part of the door frame. Upon this suggestion, Tim painted the door frame which now has a finished look. In the end, this matched the barn door black trim very well and added a nice accent to the room.

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