Home Addition Details

Type: Home Addition and Kitchen Renovation

Location: Stanley, VA

Services Performed: Double story addition onto back of house complete with a large living area and fireplace, two upstairs bathrooms, adjoining bedrooms and walk-in closets, exterior door entry cover and small porch step, joining roof from existing porch to addition.

Project Timeline: Just under 4 months – Mid June to Early October, 2017

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Interesting Aspects of the Home Addition

When remodeling the kitchen and adding the large family room, we opened one of the walls of the kitchen. Originally, this wall had been the back side of the house, but with the addition, we were able to give the kitchen a more open feel with a raised countertop and open hallway.

Another interesting aspect our home builders here at Integrity did was to connect the small covered porch with the new addition room. We installed double glass doors leading from the room addition to the porch. Also, the gray siding on the outside addition matches the siding on the existing porch.

Integrity Home Builders Take On Remodeling Challenges

The most challenging aspect of this project was connecting the 1st floor heating and cooling of the new addition to the existing heating and cooling of the main house. The upstairs we installed a completely new HVAC system in order to keep from overloading the existing HVAC unit for the main house. The other challenging aspect was to get the floors to line up perfectly in the area where we tied into the existing kitchen area. The existing floors were off level, and we installed the new addition perfectly level, so it took some fine carpentry work to take care of the variance there!

Home Builders in Virginia

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Testimonial from Carolyn About the Home Addition

Love these guys! The addition they did for us was extensive and they did a great job in the time frame they said they would do it. We were living in our house while the work was going on and we really appreciated the effort to keep everything clean and with the least disruption to us. Thanks!!!

Our Home Builders Teams and Crews

Mahlon’s crew did a great job of framing up the addition, and taking care of the tie in points from the new addition to the existing house. The deck/closed in area in between was a challenge to get the tie in correct. Tim’s crew took over on the siding and did a great job of all the challenging tie in areas for the new vinyl siding, and also the tile work that needed to be done on this project. Skyline Roofing took care of installing the shingles and flat roof area and the gutters.