Home Exterior Project Details

Location: Bridgewater, VA at the Shickel Corporation

Services Performed: Complete siding replacement, installation of replacement windows, new gutters, new front door, painted porch and porch ceiling.

Project Timeline: December 2017

Home Exterior Project

We did some general renovations/replacements for this project to give the home a nice face lift and upgrade. First we replaced the old white siding with a new off-white siding around the entire house. We installed new gutters for the entire house and replaced the front door. The front porch we repainted to a bright white. Our client chose the color for the porch ceiling adding a splash of light turquoise blue to the entrance! (This porch style/ceiling color is similar to a project we did in 2015 with a beautiful porch addition. Click HERE to read more on that project and see photos.)

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Before and After Photos – Hover over the photos below to see the before/after results!

Benefits of Home Exterior Upgrades

Trying to decide whether to remodel, do smaller upgrades, or build a new house can be challenging. When it comes to home exterior upgrades, there are quite a few benefits to doing these remodel projects. Especially if you enjoy the location, doing a few updates can allow you to enjoy your preferred home location. However, you still get the nice “new” look of a new build without having to design and build. Doing simple updates can be favorable with cost and still allow for creativity in the new look of your home. Time is also another factor! Doing a few updates can save quite a large amount of time and allow you to start using the “new” space quickly. You can never go wrong with upgrading your home. Especially home exterior upgrades can increase the value of your home. This provides a great benefit whether you decide to stay or sell later. Either way, the value of your home is increased, which is always a good thing!