Office Space Project Details

Office Location: The Integrity office is located in Mount Crawford, VA.

The Integrity Showroom Office Space: A majority of the materials we used on our office were donated from local appliance stores in the area. Likewise, each outer side of the office has different types of siding, and the railings on the front porch are also different for display. Come by and check out the varieties! We would love to have you stop by! Also, in the office we have different types of wood flooring, ceiling boards, and a variety of cabinets in our conference room.

Reason for Project: We had built the Integrity office in 2016 that included one large room and a second soundproof office room. The large room had space for two desks, a file cabinet, printer, and coat closet. At that time we had three team members in the office. Later this spring we hired Greg and Debbie Hammer, who have been a big blessing to our company! Pretty quickly we had outgrown our office space!

Office Space Project Timeline: Two months to build the first building in 2016. Two months to build the addition in 2017.

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Office Space Problem – Creative Building Solution:

Instead of tearing out the back side of the office and redoing the roof, we built a separate building behind the original office. To connect the buildings, we added a 3′ hallway where a window had originally been. It looks a little bit different from the outside but suits our needs perfectly!

The Integrity Construction Experience:

We delight in making your construction dreams come true! Do you have a creative idea for a project? Also, do you need inspiration for your next home addition? In addition, have you ever wished you could find a contractor who listened, cared, and conducted his business with high integrity standards? You have come to the right place! Manny knows that the construction experience is just as important as the quality of the project. Here at Integrity we desire not only to provide you with excellent services. We want your experience to be one of enjoyment, ease, and satisfaction.