Project Details

Project Type: Kitchen Addition

Location: Harrisonburg, VA

Services Performed: Complete Kitchen Addition, Wooden Cabinets, Countertop Overhang

Project Timeline: 3 weeks – April 2017

Kitchen Remodel

We removed all the existing cabinets for the kitchen remodel. Also, we removed the load bearing wall towards the east side to open up that area for a better view. We removed the existing flooring and replaced it with a sheet vinyl flooring.

The new factory line cabinets were purchased from and installed by Bertch Cabinetry with a standard dark stain with shaker style cabinet doors. This also included full extension drawers with soft close slides and soft close door hinges as well.

On the east side of the kitchen, we put a twelve inch countertop overhang to create a small sitting area on that side of the kitchen. The overhang creates an open feel and provides a way to see the view out through the double glass doors in the dining area.

We installed laminate countertops in the kitchen with a four inch backsplash as well. The kitchen is complete with a double bowl kitchen sink and faucet. The sink remained in its original location under the window, but the range went by the west wall and the fridge by the hallway wall. There is also a pantry cabinet on each side of the fridge and a cabinet above the fridge.

Benefits of a Kitchen Remodel

While it may be easy to put off a kitchen remodel, there are a couple benefits to updating this central living area.

1. Kitchen Functionality Improvement

Changing a kitchen layout can create a more well suited space. We live in an age where design meets functionality. Imagine the ease of having everything easily accessible. A kitchen renovation can make a big difference on improving a happy and functional lifestyle.

2. Improve Home Atmosphere

Remodeling your kitchen can give the whole home a more open and inviting feel. For example, this kitchen has a countertop overhang on the east side of the kitchen. An overhang provides a broader view from the kitchen and opens the space up. Functionally speaking, it can also serve as a sitting area/table/countertop.

3. Well-suited Kitchen for Daily Use

Having a well-suited space for daily things like cooking, baking, and making food is important. A remodeled/upgraded kitchen provides the necessary setup to make those daily tasks enjoyable. Don’t wait for your kitchen to become a major frustration before remodeling. Start today and improve the style of your kitchen.