Kitchen Update in Harrisonburg

This kitchen got a complete update! We installed new counter tops, cabinets, under cabinet lighting, new appliances, and new tile flooring! The only thing that did not change very much was the main layout of the galley style kitchen with the appliances remaining in their original place except for the microwave. (We also remodeled the upstairs bathroom and doubled the space! Read about it here.)

Kitchen Update Plan

With the style of the previous kitchen still providing suitable function, we updated the whole appearance of the kitchen. It’s amazing how a new color scheme or new materials can transform a space!

Kitchen Update – New Colors

The previous kitchen had a light yellow color on the back main wall. The old cabinets were a medium brown, and the old appliances were white. The new soft gray color of the walls gives the kitchen a warm and calm feel while the stainless steel and black appliances contrast nicely with the new white cabinets.

Kitchen Update – Tile Flooring

We pulled up the old vinyl flooring of the kitchen and replaced it with tile. The tile extends from the kitchen to the bathroom on the other side. Tile is a great option for kitchens because of its water resistance and ease in cleaning. Tile does not need much cleaning except for an occasional sweep/dusting, and is easy to clean up when spills occur.

When Considering A Kitchen Update…

Check with your local contractor to see about additional options that would work well for your kitchen space. Make the most use of the space in your kitchen by strategic placement of appliances and working areas. And remember to look for ways to add light into the kitchen such as windows, ceiling, or under cabinet lights. Kitchen remodels are some of the most popular remodels to do and provide a great space for cooking and home making.