Project Details

Project Type: Siding and Door Replacement

Location: Staunton, VA

Services Performed: Full Exterior Siding Replacement and Door Replacement

Project Timeline: Two Week Project in March 2017

Siding Replacement

For this project we removed all the existing wood siding on the house. We installed house wrap and new Traditional 5 vinyl siding. We also installed new vinyl trims as needed for the vinyl siding installation. The existing vinyl soffit and fascia boards remained in place except for the areas that received new gutters. After removing the soffit and fascia where the existing gutters were, we replaced and repaired the fascia board as needed. This made a level fascia board to be able to securely mount the gutters. We installed a new 5″ K style gutter with hidden fasteners screwed into the new fascia board. Also, we installed new gutter downspouts.

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Door Replacement

For installing the new back door, we removed the existing 12′ back door unit. We installed a new Marvin Integrity Wood/Ultrex Sliding French door unit. The clear glass had Low E3 w/argon in each glass panel for added UV protection.

Both panels slide open to create a double door unit opening. Two while metal frame screens with charcoal fiberglass mesh were installed with the door unit as well. We modified the door opening as needed on the interior and exterior to allow for the standard sized unit to be used. We also built a wider step to cover the door opening.


“Here is the view showing the siding replacement and door replacement.”

Integrity Highlights

We love doing projects that involve remodeling/renovations. There is something inspiring about transforming an existing home or updating a few features whether interior or exterior. Something like a siding replacement or door replacement can give a home a new feel. Consider doing a project to update an aspect of your home. We do many bathroom remodels and kitchen renovations. Also consider adding a porch or deck. We are eager to help come up with innovative remodeling ideas!

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There are multiple construction companies to choose from. Why choose Integrity? At Integrity we place a priority on craftsmanship and the customer’s experience. We make sure to leave the jobsite clean at the end of the day. We don’t play loud music while working. Really, we want to provide a professional, pleasant experience and we do that through our company standards lived out on the jobsites. We love making your dream come true. We will help you come up with creative building ideas to meet your dream a reality!