Cabin Addition in Luray

Welcome to February, and it’s the warm type of February that all of us construction companies like! We haven’t had very many weather delays this winter, and that means we can keep production moving forward in this time when most local construction companies are quite busy. We enjoy staying busy, and having good winter weather is really a blessing!

Here are some pictures of a cabin addition we just completed in Luray. The tiny cabin was the perfect candidate for an addition, but it had some design challenges and needed someone with a great perspective. Charles Hendricks and the team at The Gaines Group Architects in Harrisonburg did an excellent job designing the kitchen expansion and bedroom/bathroom addition to feel like a part of the original home. Tucked away in the forest, the finished cabin is a cozy retreat, especially on a snowy day!

The dropped beams shown here mimic the beams in the original part of the cabin. Getting the stain to match is always a good challenge that our team loves tackling.

We had to cut down a number of trees in order to make space for the addition and keep trees from being too close to the house. The further away trees are from the house, the better it is for the house long term.

As we move towards the end of February, we are looking forward to the consistently warmer weather of spring. This is a great time to start planning for summer and fall projects since most local construction companies are booked out for several months. For those of us with children in school, summer break will be here before we know it!

Until next time,

The Integrity Team