Develop or grow your business

Whether you’re opening a new business or expanding and improving a current one, we love to work with our fellow local business owners. Our team of licensed and insured contractors has experience with a variety of light commercial construction. 

As we begin the planning and design process, have fun customizing your space for the services you offer and the unique character you represent. Our team helps you choose colors, fixtures, and finishes that will reflect the style and aesthetic of your business. 

As the project moves into full swing, our full-scale project management services keep your project progressing smoothly, so you can focus on developing or operating your business. Through tools such as ClientLink, we strive for open and easy communication that keeps everyone in the loop.

Count on a clean job site to keep your business open.

From drywall dust to an influx of supplies, the nature of the building business is not inherently tidy. The team at Integrity Custom Builders is dedicated to keeping your jobsite clean and safe. Our process ensures that your job site is neat and tidy at the end of each day. If your business is already established, we try to minimize any disruption to your regular business hours and make it reasonable for you to stay open.

We love contributing to the rich cultural heritage of the Shenandoah Valley.

We’re a team of locals, and we love serving and supporting our community through your projects! We’re  proud of the commercial projects we have helped with in the past. Check them out below!