This month’s post is an update on what’s been going on in the Fisher family recently. It’s amazing to me how fast the time passes by, and realizing that it’s important to slow down to enjoy whatever is in front of you at the moment isn’t always easy! Life keeps on happening and has a way of shifting lives and goals. It’s not always easy to adapt.

Many of you all know the story of our daughter Jordan, who is a two-time cancer survivor. Jordan is turning 18 in August, and will officially be an adult! At that time it will be about 8 years since she was released from her treatments for her second round with leukemia. She is doing great, and is full strength and still clear, praise God! She will be graduating from Blue Ridge Christian High School this year, and is looking forward to it!

Our son Uriah turned 11 in November and is still enjoying homeschooling. He enjoys playing with his collection of Nerf guns and Legos and taking our two Rottweilers on drives around the property in the Ranger. He is looking forward to summer break and not having to work on school anymore.

In 2019 Mary and I built our new house on our 10 acres in the Mount Crawford area, close to the Weyers Cave airport. After 22 years of construction, and having rented for the last 8 years, it’s great to finally build and live in a house that’s our own! Our 10 acres is next to the 85-acre family farm that we lived on for the last 4 years, and where our shop and office currently are.
In the middle of life happening, it’s important to never get so caught up in what’s going on around us that we forget the bigger picture of what we are here for. No matter the amount of turmoil and chaos around us, we are still here on earth to be a blessing to those around us, to make a positive impact, and to encourage each other to have a greater relationship with God and those around us, either in deeds or words of love, kindness, or encouragement!
Blessings from the Fishers:
Manny, Mary, Jordan & Uriah.
Pursuing My Real Estate Passion

I believe that it is important to push yourself beyond what you are comfortable doing, and this year I am getting outside of my comfort zone and pursuing my real estate passion! I have always had an interest in real estate and have decided it is time to pursue that passion. Real estate goes hand in hand with what we do in construction, and the 22 years of construction experience that I have will be a benefit to the home buyers and home sellers I get to represent in the future.

As of last week, I am now a real estate professional licensed to do real estate in the state of VA! I will be working on a team with Paul Whatley, a friend of mine who is an agent at Kline May Realty. Paul has been in real estate for a number of years, and I will be helping him to start a team under Kline May Realty.

I will still be involved daily with construction at Integrity Custom Builders in doing the sales, estimates, and business management. We are still doing a lot of home remodels, home additions, light commercial buildouts, and new home builds.

We have a great team who is able to run projects well without me being onsite much, which gives me the flexibility to adjust my daily routine as needed to allow for doing real estate. A lot of residential real estate work happens on evenings and weekends, which will work well.

I’m excited about the opportunity to be able to help people buy the property that fits their current needs for a home, or to sell their home to be able to move on to a different home! If you know of anyone needing either, let me know. With the 22 years of builder experience I have and with Paul Whatley and the Kline May Realty team backing me, I feel I will be able to represent buyers and sellers well and will be able to help navigate the challenges that come with purchasing or selling a home.