Verona Garage Addition (+ Skunk Incident)

Happy March! I hope your year is going well! We’re enjoying the sunshine and finally warmer temperatures–which was especially good earlier this week when we had to open the office windows due to a skunk that must have crawled under the building. Needless to say, the smell was pretty intense. Thankfully, it smells much better now! (And we have a good story too.)

I wanted to share a few pictures of a garage addition that we recently completed in Verona.

Garages are a great way to add space in a clean, integrated way. In this case, our clients recently moved to the area and loved this property on the Middle River; they just needed a garage to make the house fit their needs. We were able to match the siding and shingles to the existing house. While we were there, we also installed new decking on their wrap-around porches.

Thanks for reading! We’d love to hear how your year is going, or any entertaining skunk stories you have!

Until next time,

The Integrity Team