First Bathroom

Project Details

Project Type: Bathroom Remodel

Location: Weyers Cave, VA

Services Performed: Bathroom Remodel Including: Tile Flooring, Tile Shower Wall with Shampoo Shelves, New Sink Tops, New Shower Doors

Project Timeline: 1 Month (March – April 2017)

In March & April of 2017, we started & completed this one-month 2 Bathroom Remodel project for Barry and Debbie in Weyers Cave, VA. Both bathrooms were in need of an update, so we worked on both bathrooms at the same time. The layout remained close to the same in both bathrooms, and received a custom tiled shower with new tile flooring in both bathrooms. We installed new tile flooring in the bathrooms, new vanity counter-tops, and new faucets and fixtures. The custom Sshower glass walls were supplied and installed by Integrity Glass Company, and they did an excellent job of installing the glass!

After installing the drywall, trim, and doing the final touch of painting, the bathroom remodel was completed, and available for many more years of use!

What Our Clients Said About the Bathroom Remodels

“We were really satisfied with the tile work, drywall, and the remodeling work done in the bathrooms. But the thing that impressed us the most was the polite subcontractors. They were always conscious about being respectful in someone else’s home. That meant a lot to us, especially when they were working on the project even when we were not at home.” – Barry

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Bathroom Remodel Project Goal

Our clients were in need of updating two of the existing bathrooms in their home, which had been remodeled in 1996. The goal was to have a more functional main bathroom, and we accomplished that by removing the big tub that was no longer being used. We made some adjustments to the bathroom so they ended up with a large shower, which was much more practical than having a large soaking tub.

Facing Some Minor Remodeling Challenges

This project had only a few minor bumps along the way. When we started demo on the bathroom walls, we found one wall filled with rocks in the framing of the 1800’s farmhouse. We removed the rocks and did some repairs to the framing as needed to be able to install the plumbing correctly.

Integrity Highlights

At Integrity, we love challenges! This project had a few challenges, due to it being an older farmhouse. We love serving our clients and strive to make a great overall project experience for our clients! For this project, it worked out best to remodel both bathrooms at the same time, as they had a third, separate bathroom to use while we were working on remodeling the other two bathrooms.

What You Can Expect From Integrity’s Employees and Subcontractors

We value you as the client and want to be respectful when working in the home you live in. We take time to make sure your home stays clean and safe. Details are important to us. We like coming up with creative, innovative ways to meet the needs and desires you have for the project. When working in your home, we make sure there is no loud music blasting, no smoking, and no foul language. Also, we make sure that appropriate attire is worn at all times. We value the experience you have as much as the quality of work you receive.