Farmhouse Remodel Project Details

Type: Farmhouse Remodel

Location: Harrisonburg, VA

Services Performed: Complete Farmhouse Remodel Including Bathroom Remodels, Electrical Wiring, Structural Repairs, Kitchen Remodel, New Patio

Project Timeline: 5 Months (September 2016 – February 2017)

In September of 2016 we started working on the two story farmhouse remodel, which had sat vacant for a few years. We did a whole house remodel on the existing structure which also included new plumbing, new electrical, new insulation and new drywall. The existing interior doors and trims were preserved to keep the original finishes in the house the same.

The house was also in need of a better kitchen, so a kitchen was added to the house. Off of the kitchen area, we installed a patio to create an outdoor living space. The project was designed by Lineage Architects, and they did an excellent job of making the space work great for our client’s needs.

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Client Expectations

The farmhouse was the home of our client’s parents, and this was the home where he had spent many years. He wanted to move into the home, but the home needed a major overhaul first. It was wonderful to see the transformation of this farmhouse remodel on the exterior and on the interior, and to see the home be renewed for more generations to come. We love to hear the history/story of our clients homes. Everyone has a great life story to tell, and this farmhouse remodel had lots of history that the homeowner was able to share with us.

“Once we saw the water damage, we knew it was something we had to respond to quickly. I made the calls to notify the homeowner of what we found, and Manny figured out the costs of repairing the wall and foundation. After we got approval from the homeowner to move ahead, we started the wall repair process immediately. The repair process added 3-4 days to the farmhouse remodel, but we kept moving along to keep the delays to the job at a minimum.” – Mahlon Riehl

Facing and Tackling Remodeling Challenges

We love the challenges that whole house remodels bring, especially in an old farmhouse. We faced a number of challenges on this one: there was an old cistern we uncovered that a portion of the addition sat on, so we had to properly fill in the cistern to allow for a foundation wall to sit where it needed to. Also, as we opened up the back wall where the addition was going, we discovered massive amounts of structural damage due to a water leak that had been happening for many years! We ended up replacing some of the foundation, replacing the studs in the walls, and installing load beams as needed to make the back of the house sound again.

Though this creates a challenge when issues like that are found, that is one of the reasons we love to be in the remodeling industry! Being able to handle challenges like this without making a big deal about it is what makes a successful remodeling company and team.

Other Highlights from Integrity

This was a Design/Build project, and Lineage Architects was able to provide the design work that needed to be done for the addition. John & Penny Garber did a great job of designing a very functional kitchen with a few outdoor areas as well.

It is always fun to see the transformation that happens on whole house remodels, especially when there’s an addition involved. Seeing the home completed brings such fulfillment to the homeowner especially when there are lots of memories involved with the home.

Things to Consider with Remodeling Projects

When you are considering a house remodel or home addition, the process can seem daunting. Most remodels, especially if they are over one month, reach a pain point where you just want the builder to be done and out of your living space! The key is to have a builder that will not get frustrated with you at that point, but will be patient with you and willing and happy to coach/guide you through the rest of the project. The end result of a whole house remodel is very rewarding, and is a process that, if done correctly, will be able to be enjoyed for years to come!

The Benefits Of Working With Experienced Harrisonburg Builders

With many remodels and renovation projects, you run into bumps in the road along the way. Make sure you’re working with a builder who doesn’t turn and run at the first sight of a problem! Integrity Custom Builders team has decades of experience recognizing issues that could possibly cause a delay and set your project back. Enjoy working with local experts who know how to fix problems on-site and get the job done right the first time, and that keep a fun and professional attitude throughout the project!