Part 2 – 1800s Farmhouse Restoration

Several weeks ago, we shared pictures of the kitchen, main living space, and mud room of this late 1800s restored farmhouse. We’re excited to show you the rest of the house in this post!

The farmland and mountain view is beautiful!

In keeping with the theme of reclaimed materials throughout the house, the wood on the accent wall here is the back side of the original exterior siding. The spindles of the staircase are near-perfect replicas of the originals, down to the tiniest details. Some of the old spindles were saved and used outside on the porch.

Aside from the outlets, the room above looks almost exactly like it would have in the 1800s when it was built.

Thanks for reading!

Team Member Question of the Month: 

If money and practicality weren’t a problem, what would be the most interesting way to get around town?

Manny: A Pilatus PC-12 turbo prop. Though there would need to be a lot more airstrips throughout town…

Mary: I wouldn’t mind trading streets for canals and paddling around in a canoe or a gondola…. I love water.

Mahlon: I would love to drive a Formula One race car, obviously with no speed limits.

Tim: The bat mobile.

Gerald: Hovercraft.

Justin: An Abrams tank. No more car insurance.

André: A camel, but only on Wednesdays.

Jared: Definitely an old Locomotive from the 1800’s.

Morgan: Roller blades for the sidewalks, zip lines instead of “roads” and trampoline vine swinging to hop from store to store down the street. The town landscape would be staggered like steps – with vines hanging from the higher trampolines to the lower trampolines.

Kaitlyn: Canoes and paddle boards. Similar to Venice, the town would have a system of interconnected canals, rivers, and lakes. In the winter, transportation would switch over to ice skating and sled dogs pulling runner sleds.