Hellos and Goodbyes – Team Member Update

Morgan Showalter worked her last day here on November 11th. Morgan has been with us for a total of 4 years, starting before we even had a separate office building. She has done a variety of things over the years, from bookkeeping to marketing to office administration, and she’s been instrumental in developing many of these areas from scratch as Integrity has grown and changed over that time.

Morgan is leaving Integrity to focus full time on running and continuing to develop her piano business called Making Melodies, LLC. Morgan has been steadily building this business and passion over the last several years, and it is so exciting to see her take the next step! The various avenues of the business include a piano teaching studio with 27 students currently; preschool classes that explore music through singing, games, and stories; an online platform where she teaches and produces content through online courses, videos, podcasts (coming soon), social media, and blog posts; and her own written piano chord book curriculum. Check out her Music Minute with Morgan page on Instagram or her website here.

We are certainly going to miss Morgan here at Integrity, but we are thrilled to see her pursue this life passion and use her gifts and skills in a way that is perfectly suited. Thankfully, she’s also still staying in the local area right now, so we hope she’ll pop back in at the office for visits!

We’ve recently had some changes to our team here at Integrity, and we want to bring you up to date. Tim and Morgan are both leaving to work on new ventures of their own, and we are welcoming a new project manager to the team.

When Tim moved to this area last year from Farmville, VA, he brought a huge amount of construction expertise and experience from years of running his own business. As a project manager, he has been a huge asset to our team. He came at the perfect time to manage several big projects, allowing Manny and Mary to focus on building their own home this year. Now that Tim is familiar with the area and people here, he is re-launching his own construction business focusing right now especially on details work such as trim, tile, built-in cabinetry, and finish work. Happily for us, he will still be based here locally, and we are excited for future possibilities of working together. Tim is greatly missed around here, but we are thrilled for him and looking forward to seeing where his business goes!

In the midst of those leaving, we are excited to welcome a new face, Gerald Nolt! Gerald moved to the area from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is working in the role of project manager. Gerald has many years of remodeling experience from running his own construction company in Philadelphia during the last number of years. He has been a great addition, and we are excited to have him a part of the team!

To help you get to know him a little better, we asked Gerald to answer a few questions:

What would other people be surprised to find that you enjoy? Mowing the lawn.

What is the next book you hope to read? Center Church by Tim Keller.

If you were to design your dream home, what would be the most unique feature? A rooftop infinity pool.

What would you like to know more about? World history.

Fill in the blank: When I have a free Saturday to do something fun, I call a friend and Go hiking or hunting.

Thank you for reading!