Deck Resurfacing in Harrisonburg Va

Deck Resurfacing Project Details

Location: Harrisonburg, VA

Description: Complete deck and stair resurfacing (stripping old wood and replacing with TimberTech decking)

Timeline: Oct – Nov 2017

Deck Resurfacing Story

Todd and Kristin had enjoyed their deck off the back side of their house for a number of years. The old deck size and style had been perfect, but the wood decking was beginning to wear. We agreed to resurface the deck to make it more durable. After deciding on the resurfacing and choosing TimberTech decking, we started the resurfacing work. After they would come home from school, Todd and Kristin’s young children enjoyed watching our guys as they resurfaced the deck. They would bring coffee and hot chocolate and enjoyed watching the process of the deck transformation. The top portion of the deck is now ready for use with new TimberTech decking. And the stairs leading up to the deck also have the new TimberTech decking.

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Before the Deck/Stair Resurfacing

After the Deck/Stair Resurfacing

Benefits of Deck Resurfacing

Deck resurfacing can be a great way to majorly increase the life span of your deck. Investing in an upgrade now could prevent you from having to replace a larger portion of a deck later. It’s never a bad idea to switch from wood decking to TimberTech since TimberTech is more durable, weather resilient, splinter free, and you don’t need to stain it.

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