Deck Remodel Details

Location: Rockingham, VA

Services Performed: Deck remodel – redesign of the lower level, replacing of wood with Timbertec decking and vinyl railing, redesign of stairway.

Project Timeline: End of 2016

Deck Remodel – Wood to Timbertec

This project was a large wrap-around second story deck that we remodeled for Steve and Sherry in Rockingham, Virginia. Steve & Sherry wanted to connect the two existing decks to make one large deck that wrapped around the house. The two previous separate decks were connected with half flights of stairs that led to an adjoining landing and a single flight of stairs from the landing. As you can see on the last two pictures, the previous deck was all built with wood. The new deck was redesigned a little, and we used Timbertec decking and vinyl railing.

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Rain Proof Lower Level on the Deck Remodel

We also redesigned the lower level under the stairway area so that they can use that for a sitting area. We installed metal ceiling panels under the deck area so that they have a dry space under the deck which allows them to use the space even while its raining. The existing concrete slab beneath the deck area was removed. After the concrete was removed, we installed new stamped and colored concrete under the new area. To finish it off, we also installed the same stamped and colored concrete out in the driveway as needed. Now the new deck remodel is ready for use rain or shine! And the new stairway gives the deck more square footage. Overall, the house has a nice face lift with the deck remodel.