Project Details

Location: Verona, VA

Services Performed: Farmhouse addition including living area, screened porch, gallery hallway, bedroom, master bathroom, and garage.

Project Timeline: April 2015 – July 2016

Creativity in the Farmhouse Decor

This was a very fun project to complete! The homeowner, Carole, has an amazing artistic flare that played out in the design and decoration of each room. The hallway that connects the main farmhouse to the addition was not left empty! Carole turned it into a beautiful art gallery with a variety of paintings on display! Tim went an extra day to help mount the paintings on the walls. Carole’s creative genius didn’t stop with the art gallery! The new living room area features unique African basket weave lights. Probably the most unique feature is the acid stained concrete flooring throughout the new addition. All in all, this project never left us at a loss for creative inspiration!

Client Expectations

This farmhouse had been in the family for a long time. It was important to our clients to ensure that their beloved home would remain safe and last many more years. The addition was built as an accessible building with there being no steps into the new addition or the existing home. By keeping the addition on the first level, we applied the aging-in-place method. This will allow them to enjoy their home for years to come!

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Lasting Value with a Low Energy Consumption Home

This unique and challenging addition was wonderfully designed as a low energy consumption home by Lineage Architects (John & Pennie Garber). The exterior walls are a 1`2″ thick Insulated Concrete Form Wall which gives an R25 wall value, plus it also makes an airtight shell. The floors were concrete floors poured on top of foam board, which keeps the floors the same temperature as the room. We also installed spray foam in the attic, which made a complete airtight shell and helps to keep the entire addition comfortable year round with minimal energy consumption. The interior floors are acid stained concrete, which makes for a nice conversation piece! It also fits their artistic tastes well. Raw concrete acid stained floors have a lot of variety to them when a transparent acid stained product is used!

The Benefits Of Working With Local Building Experts

With many remodels and renovation projects, you run into bumps in the road along the way. Make sure you’re working with a builder who doesn’t turn and run at the first sight of a problem! Our building experts have decades of experience recognizing issues before they cause a delay and set your project back. Enjoy working with local experts who know how to fix problems on-site and get the job done right the first time!